Katrine Winblad
Freelance Art Director Copenhagen

Phone: +45 28 91 87 75

‘Spis det hele’

Client: Københavns Kommune, Copenhagen Municipality
Agency: &Co.

Production company: Andy
Director: Lea Flodgaard & Katrine Winblad

Creatives:  Lea Flodgaard & Katrine Winblad.
Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann

Production designer: Freja-Ulla Krebz
Production designe assistant: Line Hvid
Food Waste is still a big problem. We buy too much food that ends up in our trash.  We either ‘forget’ to eat it or we throw it out even though it’s still perfectly edible. It really doesn’t make much sense.

CCA/ Bedste film kampagne/ BRONZE
CCA/ Craft/ Art Direction/ Shortlist
CCA/ Film/Online/ Shortlist

The True Award/ Bedste film kampagne/ SØLV

‘Eat it all’

“Almost as weird, as throwing it in the trash”
“20% of our food ends up as food waste”